Dr. Piñón is a psychologist and meditation teacher. If you want to have a one to one with him, feel free to contact him here.

     He holds several degrees:

  • PhD in Psychology (UAM)

  • MSc in Mindfulness (Dept. Medicine, UZ)

  • Expert in MBSR (Dept. Medicine, UZ & UNIFESP)

  • Member of the American Psychological Association

  • MSc in Behavioral Sciences Methodology (UAM)

  • MA in Business Administration (EOI)

  • Expert in Advanced Methods in Robust Statistics (UNED)

  • BSc in Psychology (UPSA)

     He also took many courses, including: unified mindfulness, existential well-being counseling, yoga, de-mystifying mindfulness, Buddhism and modern psychology, CBT, and others.       

Dr. Piñón is fluent in three languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese. He worked as a researcher at the University of Gothemburg (Sweden) and at the University of Mannheim (Germany), and has practiced meditation since 2007. After 11 years in data analytics around the world (UK, Spain, Brazil, Germany), Dr. Piñón decided to make meditation into his profession and founded the Meditation Institute with a mission to help people feel better through mindfulness-based therapy and meditation practice.

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