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     Dr. Piñón holds several degrees:

  • PhD in Psychology (Europeus Doctor), Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM)

  • MSc in Mindfulness (Dept. of Medicine), Zaragoza University (UZ)

  • Expert in MBSR (Dept. of Medicine), Zaragoza University (UZ)

  • MSc in Behavioural Sciences Methodology (UAM)

  • Grad. Stat. Graduate Statistician, Royal Statistical Society (RSS)

  • Expert in Advanced Methods in Robust Statistics (UNED)

  • Member of the American Psychological Association (APA)

  • Member of COPG, number G-6444.

  • MBA (EOI)

  • BSc in Psychology, Pontifical University of Salamanca (UPSA)

     He is a long-term mindfulness practitioner, having practiced meditation since 2007 and participated in many retreats.

     He also took many courses, including: Vedanta in Education (Sesha), Satipatthana (Dr. Analayo), How to Effectively Support Someone in Spiritual Emergency (Dr. Bragdon), Subtle Yoga for Emotional Well-Being (K.K. Weber), Survival of Death and Parapsychology (Dr. Alvarado), Science and Practice of Yoga (Dr. Spann), De-mystifying Mindfulness (Dr. Goto-Jones), Science of Well-Being (Dr. Santos), Unified Mindfulness (Shinzen Young), Existential Well-Being Counselling (Dr. Leijssen), Buddhism and Modern Psychology (Dr. Wright), and CBT (Dr. Yela), among others.

     Dr. Piñón is fluent in three languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese. If you want to schedule an appointment, you can contact him by email here.

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