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Week 6

Metaphors can be a skillful way to enhance mindfulness in some people. This week, you'll be listening to Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn guiding you through the mountain and lake meditations, one of which we suggest you try at least
once during week 6. You'll also learn choiceless awareness, and practice social mindfulness informally.

Mountain and Lake Meditation


The mountain and lake meditations draw on our images of nature to help us deepen our practice and enhance our capacity to remain centered and grounded through our ever-shifting mind-body states. Through these meditations we can discover more of our innate ability to navigate change, to find stillness within and deepen our sensitivity to the body.

Say "hello" to the Practice Log and share your impressions.  

Choiceless Awareness

Try this informal technique for a few minutes, with eyes open.


  • Relax. 

  • Notice if mental images, mental talk, and emotions are present. Allow them to be present. 

  • Rest in awareness. Open to the outer world (i.e., sights, sounds, smells) and inner world (i.e., mental images, mental talk, emotions) simultaneously. 

  • Notice that sights are present.

  • Notice that sounds are present.

  • Notice that physical sensations are present.

  • Allow them to be present, to come and go in the field of awareness freely, without obstacles. 

Allow your hand to type your thoughts in the Practice Log.


Communications Chart Review

Probably most stressful situations involve social interactions. Applying mindfulness to the social domain can be a useful strategy to increase happiness and reduce suffering.

In week 6, we focus informally on communication. We enhance our mindfulness by being aware of different dimensions (e.g., recognizing that the other person have her own perceptions, thoughts, feelings and needs, which are almost certainly different than ours).


Try this exercise at least once this week. In the Practice Log you will find a list of questions to consider.

After completing the tasks, you can mindfully click on week 7 to continue your path. Those interested in the Certificate of Completion, must send us the Practice Log with the subject line: "MBSR week 6". 

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