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Mindful Check-In

There´s a very interesting technique in Compassion-Focused Therapy called "Mindful Check-In". Please try it at random intervals during the week. Eventually, you´ll be able to use it during "threat periods" in order to reduce negative emotions and gain more control over the situation.

1. What I notice in my body:

What do I feel in my body?

Am I tensed or relaxed? How can I tell? Where do I feel it?

What sensations are prominent?

What is the temperature of my body?

What are the contact points of my body with the outside world (e.g., feet on the floor)?

What is my body posture? How am I sitting or standing?

2. What I notice in my emotions:

What emotional tone am I experiencing? Can I give my feelings an emotional label?

Is there more than one emotion? Which emotions stand out?

3. What I notice in my thinking:

What am I thinking? What are the contents of my thoughts?

What images or pictures come to mind?

What is my thought process like? Are my thoughts fast or slow, narrowly focused or reflective?

4. What I notice I want to do (impulse to act):

Is there anything I want to do right now?

5. What I notice in my reactions:

What are my reactions to the exercise?

When noticing the thoughts, feelings, or impulses I experience, do I have any strong reactions?

Do I have any additional thoughts about what I’ve found going on in my mind or body?

Am I making any judgments or criticisms?

Do I notice judgments—thinking that certain experiences are right or wrong?

Are any experiences wanted or unwanted?

Do I notice wanting to do anything about what I’ve found in my experiences?

What thoughts arise in relation to particular emotions or body sensations, or vice versa?

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