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Reflection Meditation

This practice is useful for accessing your intuitive knowing to balance your rational ways of trying to solve a problem.

Sit comfortably and spend the first part of your meditation finding some calm and ease. You may wish to focus on your breathing to help your mind become more concentrated, letting yourself gently arrive in the present moment as you practice returning to your breath.

When your mind feels calm and stable, bring to mind the question you are struggling with. Drop the question into the stillness in the same way you would drop a pebble into a pond. Then, although your tendency might be to want to think and ruminate about the issue, try not to let that happen. Instead, see what kind of response surfaces on its own. What kind of ripples does the pebble make in the pond? In other words, “listen” rather than try to

“figure out.” Allow the answer to come from a place deep inside. Keep coming back to your breath if you find yourself getting lost in thoughts about the problem. Once you are calm and relaxed, ask again.

Extracted from the book: Fully present. The science, art, and practice of mindfulness.

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