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Week 2

This week we introduce "Focus Out", a group of techniques about the here-and-now of the outer world that include: see out, hear out, feel out, and all out.

Focus Out


1. See Out: Continuously track external sights, letting your attention shift from one visual object to another or from place to place within an object. If your attention moves away from external sights, gently come back to sights. You can use the label “See Out” to remain present.


2. Hear Out: Focus continuously on external sounds. If other stimuli pull you away, kindly return to sounds. You may want to use the label “Hear Out” whenever you are aware of sound, as an anchor to present moment experience.


3. Feel Out: If a physical sensation occurs, concentrate on it. Focus exclusively on physical sensations, letting everything else in the background. If you feel distracted, you may want to say to yourself the label “Feel Out”.


4. All Out: Let your attention broadly float between see out, hear out, and feel out.


These are the practices for week 2:

Formal practice in stillness: practice one of the above techniques (see out, hear out, feel out, all out) for at least 20 minutes per day. 

Formal practice in motion: Do walking meditation while paying attention to physical sensations. Let yourself walk with a sense of ease and dignity. Pay attention to your body. With each step feel the sensations of lifting your foot and leg off of the earth. Then mindfully place your foot back down. Feel each step mindfully as you walk. If your mind wanders, gently return your attention to the body. Do this for at least 10 minutes per day.

Informal practice: choose between micro-hit and background practice. Remember, in a micro-hit you apply the majority of your attention to a formal practice, while in a background practice you split your attention (e.g., 20% on the technique and 80% on your life activity). Informal practices can last from a few seconds to less than 10 minutes. 

If you want the Certificate of Completion, please complete this Practice Log and send it to us, using the subject line "UM week 2":

Now that you have learnt and practiced Focus In and Focus Out individually, would you like to practice all sensory systems combined? In the track below, you're invited to a 90 minute meditation challenge. 






If you have completed all tasks for this week, you can go to week 3.

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