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Week 7


The "Auto" techniques help you to develop energy, bounce, and creativity in what you do, say, and think. In the following videos, Shinzen Young explains "Auto Walk", "Auto Speak", "Auto Think", and "Auto Everything".
























A very important technique in the Auto family is what I call "Do Almost Nothing" (Shinzen calls it "do nothing"). In this practice, you let whatever happens, happen. Whenever you’re aware of an intention to control your attention, you drop that intention. Remember: you’re not being asked to continuously track your intention. 














Express spontaneity this week. This is your homework:

Formal practice in stillness: "Do almost nothing" for at least 20 minutes per day.  

Formal practice in motion: Choose one or several auto practices and work with them for at least 10 minutes per day.

Informal practice: Practice "do nothing" as micro-hit and/or background practice.   

If you want the Certificate of Completion, please complete this Practice Log and send it to us, with subject line "UM week 7". 

Tasks done? Move to week 8.







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